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Sunrise Children's Hospital Labor & Delivery Triage

Think you’re in labor or have concerns about your pregnancy? The Labor &Delivery Triage Unit is designed to quickly assess your labor progress. If you are in labor, you will be admitted to your Labor & Delivery suite. The Triage department is conveniently located on the first floor near the children’s hospital entrance.

Sunrise Children's Hospital labor & Delivery Suites

Our oversized Labor & Delivery Suites are equipped with state-of-the-art technology for you and your baby. We also provide comforting amenities like large, private restrooms, flat screen TVs and sleeping support for your partner.

Sunrise Children's Hospital Mother Infant Unit

After delivery you and your baby will be moved to your private Mother Infant Unit room. Unless your baby needs a higher level of care in our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, he or she will be resting comfortably with you in your room until you go home. We use an advanced security system on all of your units to put your mind at ease.

Sunrise Children's Hospital Education Classroom

Every day we offer discharge instructions, new parent education and resources and breastfeeding support for you and your new bundle of joy. Classes are taught by registered nurses and certified lactation consultants.

Sunrise Children's Hospital Nursery

While we encourage your baby to be with you as much as possible, we do have a nursery centrally located on the Mother Infant Unit equipped with advanced technology and highly skilled, compassionate nurses and support staff.