Sunrise Children's Hospital January 14, 2017

DISCOVERY Children’s Museum and Sunrise Children’s Hospital officially opened the Sunrise Children’s Hospital exhibit in ECO City, one of the museum’s nine educational galleries, Saturday, January 14, 2017.  This new, exciting exhibit sponsored by Sunrise Children’s Hospital allows visitors to explore the medical field through experimentation and interactivity taking on the role of a patient or healthcare provider. In celebration of the official opening, the Sunrise Children’s Hospital Intensive Care Ambulance was available for tours from 10 am – 12 pm.

Tifferney White, DISCOVERY Children’s Museum CEO and President and Todd Sklamberg, Sunrise Children’s Hospital CEO officially opened Sunrise Children’s Hospital exhibit, the newest business in ECO City.

Prior to the official opening of Sunrise Children’s Hospital exhibit in ECO City, Youthworks, the museum’s program that combines educational and career guidance, work readiness and life skills training within an interdisciplinary museum setting with the goal of encouraging teens to graduate high school, will host a Healthcare Career Workshop from 8:30 am – 9:30 am.  The following speakers were featured: Dean Barbara Atkinson M.D., UNLV School of Medicine; Dean Carolyn Yucha, UNLV School of Nursing and Sunrise Children’s Hospital Director of Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Susan Bausom, RN and David Hoffenberg, Sunrise Hospital Vice President of Operations. The speakers discussed their experiences in the healthcare field and participated in a question and answer session with high school students that have an interest in careers in healthcare.

Just like a real hospital, this highly interactive exhibit is fully equipped with an exam table, medical tools and scale, radiology equipment, a hand washing station and baby nursery.  The exhibit also features hands-on stations with lessons about anatomy and sustainability of life through blood and organ donations.

Visitors can take on the job of a doctor, lab technician or physical therapist by putting on a lab coat and examining a “patient” by taking their height and weight, giving them an eye exam and using real medical tools at the exam table to diagnose the patient’s symptoms, all while recording the information on the patient chart. 

Additionally, visitors can discover the field of radiology using medical images of the body to learn about their bones and use the equipment to diagnosis if any bones are broken.

Playing in ECO City Sunrise Children’s Hospital exhibit.

“The Sunrise Children’s Hospital exhibit is a great addition to ECO City, our practical life role play gallery. Children and families will be able to learn about healthcare and their bodies in a comfortable, unintimidating and fun environment, while taking on the role of a patient or healthcare provider,” said Tifferney White, DISCOVERY Children’s Museum CEO and President. “By establishing role play, we hope the exhibit helps children feel more comfortable when visiting a hospital.  Additionally, the exhibit will create numerous ways for children to develop and grow to understand the importance of healthcare while exposing them to various careers in the healthcare field.”

“As our community continues to grow, we need more physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals to support the growth,” said Todd P. Sklamberg, Sunrise Children’s Hospital CEO. “By incorporating a wide variety of medical specialties, occupations, and clinical elements into the Sunrise Children’s Hospital exhibit, we hope this inspires children to be our healthcare providers of the future.”

About DISCOVERY Children’s Museum

DISCOVERY Children’s Museum is more than a fun place to go with your family. It’s an art studio, a science lab, an archaeology dig site, a “green” metropolitan city and a pirate ship. Celebrating 26 years of community, the museum addresses its core educational areas of science and nature, art and culture and early childhood development with 26,000 square feet of interactive hands-on exhibits. The 3-story museum is complete with nine interactive exhibition galleries providing a reliable source of information and modeling for parents and caregivers, a safe place for meaningful family time and an education partner with schools and teachers. DISCOVERY Children’s Museum integrates imagination, creativity, exploration and engaging interactions to ignite a love of lifelong learning.  For more information, visit Follow us @Discoverylv and

About Sunrise Children’s Hospital

Sunrise Children’s Hospital is the largest, most comprehensive children’s hospital in Nevada that also serves the surrounding region and millions of visitors that come to Las Vegas.  Sunrise Children’s Hospital offers a full range of specialized services, including Nevada’s only pediatric heart surgery program, a dedicated Pediatric Emergency Department and the largest Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) in the state. Sunrise Children’s Hospital is located on the same campus as Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center – Nevada’s largest acute care facility. Follow us @SunriseHosp and

Sunrise Children’s Hospital
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