Landon Palmer's Story

"Your shinning light and steadfast guidance gave us direction, strength and confidence to face the most challenging times. Every member of Sunrise Children's Hospital staff that we met and even those who worked behind the scenes provided us amazing care and support."

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Two Outstanding Professionals

"When my wife and I admitted our child to the Pediatric ICU unit of Sunrise Children's Hospital, we had no idea that he would be cared for by a team of hard working professionals whose dedicated service provides vital life-saving care to the children of the Las Vegas area."

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David Dow's Story

"It's now been 15 years since my stroke. I am now 25. I've had years and years of speech therapy and can now speak quite well. I can read and write again. I'm walking. Things aren't as easy as before, but I live independently and strive to live a "normal" life"."

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