"On a snowy morning in mid-January, Lyndsay and Michael Palmer welcomed an angel named Landon to our family. He was born with an undiagnosed case of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome which required immediate medical intervention. While facilities in Boise are medically advanced in many ways, the pediatric cardiology department did not have the staff nor the expertise to combat such an advanced case of cardiac failure. Our family was blessed to have the Sunrise Children's Hospital in Las Vegas recommended as the best place to take Landon. Only 5 days after Landon was born, we flew to Vegas and touched down in a place far from our house. This location would serve as our home for the next 40 days, and we were pleasantly surprised when we learned that our new Sunrise home came furnished with a caring, talented and supportive family."

"Currently Landon is doing great! He just weighed in at 18lbs 15.5oz on his 8 month birthday. Laughing while he learns to sit up and lay on his stomach as well as sleeping in his swing are his favorite pastimes. It is wonderful to be home now and getting to walk around the neighborhood and show off our steadily improving son. It is so nice to have him finally back in his Idaho home and that is exactly why we are writing you today."

"Your shinning light and steadfast guidance gave us direction, strength and confidence to face the most challenging times."

"None of the past memories and current events with Landon would have been possible without all of your help. We think back to the first few days of Landon's life and realize that while they are vivid in some ways, other things have become blurry. Positive images and comforting care are the things that we remember and cherish most. During such turbulent times, it seemed like we were destined to collapse; either from the overwhelming amount of information we were trying to comprehend, or from the sheer shock of being new parents thrown into a dark abyss of confusion. However, your shinning light and steadfast guidance gave us direction, strength and confidence to face the most challenging times. Every member of Sunrise Children's Hospital staff that we met and even those who worked behind the scenes provided us amazing care and support."

"We have shared our story with hundreds, probably thousands of people. People have heard Landon's story in Idaho's Treasure Valley, Texas, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Florida, all the way to Brazil and parts of Canada. Each and every time we tell Landon's life story, it always begins and ends with how wonderfully we were treated, the way you genuinely cared for our young family and most of all, how grateful we are you gave us a second chance at life with Landon. So from the new Palmer family of three in Nampa, Idaho we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Michael, Lyndsay and Landon Palmer