Pediatric and NICU Case Management & Discharge Planning

Case management is the process of coordinating resources that will help you continue to care for your child in your home based on their individual needs. The discharge planning process actually begins at the time of your child's admission to Sunrise Children's Hospital. Members of your child's healthcare team, including the physicians and nurses will work closely with you and your child to prepare for any discharge needs, including arranging medically necessary home nursing care and home medical equipment.

Here are some suggestions to help you prepare for this day:

  • Let your nurse or doctor know of any problems you identify associated with going home.
  • Make sure your child's nurse has all of your contact numbers so that we may notify you of your child's discharge or to discuss any special home care needs identified by a member of your child's healthcare team.
  • Be available to take your child home on discharge day. If you need a work excuse letter, please let your child's nurse know.
  • Anticipate any special transportation needs and make those arrangements.
  • Be prepared to give your nurse or physician the name, number and address of the pharmacy your family uses, as well as any preferences you have for home care services.