What is pediatric sedation and why do we need it?

Many children naturally display fear or anxiety when going to a hospital. As many procedures may require your child to remain still for a short period of time, your doctor may elect to have the exam completed using smaller, safe doses of sedating medication. Pediatric sedation can be utilized in either an inpatient setting or outpatient setting for procedures such as MRI, CT, and EEGs.

How will pediatric sedation benefit my child’s care?

Our process to sedate children is completed by a highly skilled team of nurses and doctors that specialize in children’s care. Sunrise Children’s Hospital has a dedicated area specifically equipped to provide services. This will allow your child to remain comfortable and calm while allowing the care team to complete the procedure.

Medications we may use for your child:

Your doctor will review the best treatment option for your child based on the procedure and your child’s medical history. Generally, we start with the lowest dose to ensure comfort of your child with the desired effect.

How to prepare:

A pediatric nurse from Sunrise Children’s Hospital will contact you a couple days before the procedure to confirm your appointment time and additional information.  In most cases, your child will not be allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight to minimize the risk of complications.

During the procedure:

The specialized care team will monitor your child’s comfort and vital signs. After the sedation medication is incrementally administered, your child may fall asleep.

After the procedure:

Once the procedure has been completed, your child will recover in the sedation area to naturally wake up with the pediatric sedation team’s continued monitoring. The medical team will provide you with information to monitor your child at home.

Call your doctor to determine if pediatric sedation services are right for your child or if you have any concerns.