Important Information

A special family-centered environment for pediatric surgery in Las Vegas

Pediatric Surgery at Sunrise Children’s Hospital combines high-quality care, specialized pediatric equipment and an expertly trained team of pediatric surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and CNAs.

Surgery can be scary at any age. Whether a broken bone or heart surgery – we specialize in surgery for kids. To help take away some of the stress and make surgery easier for you and your child, we have specially designed an environment for kids and their families.

Our family-centered care environment allows mom and dad to stay with their child up until the point they leave for operating room. Once the child is back from surgery and awake in the recovery room, parents will be rejoined with their child.

While in the pre-op area and waiting for surgery, your child can enjoy playing with toys, video games, movies and more in our playroom.

Kids will have the option to choose their scent of anesthesia from a variety of flavors. A few examples are cherry, bubble gum and Dr. Pepper.

Kids will be provided with a special, cozy gown...kind of like pajamas!

Kids can "drive" themselves to surgery in one of our tricycles or motorized cars, ride in a bed or just stroll down to surgery.

During the procedure, parents are able to monitor the progress of the surgery on the monitor available in the surgery waiting room.

Need to find a pediatric surgeon for your child? For a free physician referral, call (702) 961-5021