Plans for Discharge

Unless your child is staying overnight, your child will remain in a recovery area until discharged by the physician. Televisions are available while your child is recovering. A responsible adult must be able to drive your child home after their procedure. Outpatient surgery patients are usually discharged within a few hours of their procedure. Patients are often still sleepy at the time of discharge and should plan on going home and resting for the remainder of the day. This is a tremendously important instruction for your child's safety.

Discharge Instructions

You will be given a written copy of the discharge instructions to help your child once he/she is home. We have a Walgreens Pharmacy on site that allows us to have your prescriptions filled and delivered to you in the recovery area.

Case Management Department

The Sunrise Children's Hospital Case Management Department is made up of a dedicated team of registered nurses to assist you, your family and your physician in developing your discharge plan. If your physician orders home care services or equipment, we will be available to assist you.