Las Vegas, NV – The Burn and Reconstructive Center of Sunrise Hospital is raising awareness this year during National Burn Awareness Week, held every February.This year the observance takes place February 5th through February 11th.The theme is focused on hot liquid scalds and burns.

“Many people assume the majority of burns happen with an actual fire however typical, there are many different types of burns we treat including hot liquids, steam and even hot bath water,” said Dr. Jay Coates, Burn Medical Director at Sunrise Hospital.Dr. Coates shared, “The purpose of this week is to bring burn safety to the forefront as well as prevention measures to reduce the number of people in the community who suffer burns each year.”

“I am proud to share a proclamation has been put in place to showcase the importance of burn safety and how vital our services are to the community,” said Todd P. Sklamberg, Chief Executive Officer, Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center and Sunrise Children’s Hospital.

“With this declaration, we honor and show support to burn survivors as well as those throughout our community who have devoted their lives and careers to care for, treat and save lives to protect our community,” said Sklamberg.

Congresswoman Dina Titus, who serves the First Congressional District of Nevada has signed the proclamation making this an official observance in the state of Nevada.

“This proclamation, which will officially observe National Burn Awareness Week, honors Nevada’s burn survivors and the caretakers who helped guide them to recovery. Going forward it will also highlight burn safety and commonsense prevention measures that will help keep our families and neighbors safe from preventable injury,” said Congresswoman Titus.

Reminders to prevent serious burn or scald injuries:

  • When bathing a child, be sure to run your hand through the water to ensure there are no hot spots that could cause injury.
  • Never hold a child while carrying hot foods or drinking hot liquids to avoid an accidental spill.
  • Never hold a child while cooking to avoid a scald injury.
  • Establish a “kid-free zone” of at least three feet around the stove and areas where hot food or drink is prepared or carried.
  • Microwaved food and liquids can be hot enough to cause a burn, always open lids away from your body.
  • Use a tight-fitting lid with travel mugs to prevent a burn if the cup tips over.
  • When taking food out of the oven, always protect your hands by wearing an oven mitt to prevent a scald injury.
  • Keep hot foods and liquids away from table and counter edges
  • Be attentive to metal cooking ware or tableware, including utensils which may be very hot by contact with hot foods, soups or liquids.

The center is located on the campus of Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center at 3186 S. Maryland Pkwy., Las Vegas, NV 89109 since its introduction to the community in 2019.The established clinic is led by Jay E. Coates, Jr., DO, FACOS, FACS, Allan D. MacIntyre, DO, FACOS and Jeroen Balledux, MD.The surgeons are experienced in the latest techniques for all types of burn and wound care.

The center is equipped to treat many conditions and provide treatment for all burn types including the most complex to simple.Burn types include; chemical, electrical friction/road rash, frostbite, inhalation, radiation, thermal and treatment for hand and upper extremity injuries.The center also treats many different types of wounds including skin and soft tissue disorders.At The Burn and Reconstructive Center of Sunrise Hospital, patients have access to the most comprehensive and supportive personalized care plans with the physicians and care team working to achieve the very best outcomes.

A toll-free, 24/7 phone line is available for triaging patients for emergent consultations, referrals and transfers.For patients and general inquiries during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm, the clinic line is (702) 961-7552. Learn more about The Burn and Reconstructive Center of Sunrise Hospital.

Photo (Left to right):Dr. Jeroen Balledux, Plastic Surgeon at The Burn and Reconstructive Center of Sunrise Hospital, Daniel Carranza, Director of Constituent Services - Congresswoman Dina Titus’ office, Dr. Jay Coates, General Surgeon and Medical Director at The Burn and Reconstructive Center of Sunrise Hospital, Todd P. Sklamberg, CEO – Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center