Prenatal Care with Sunny Babies

Sunny Babies

Early and continuous prenatal care is important to the future health of both you and your baby. Studies show that women who utilize early and continuous prenatal care tend to have fewer problems during pregnancy and may significantly lower their risks of a problem pregnancy. Sunrise Children's Hospital offers the Sunny Babies program, a program that encourages pregnant women to seek early and continuous prenatal care, beginning in the first trimester of their pregnancy.

Need financial assistance? Need to find a physician? Sunny Babies can help.

Sunny Babies helps you:

  • Find a physician so you can get early and continuous prenatal care
  • Apply for Medicaid to insure both you and your baby
  • Register for free childbirth classes at Sunrise Children's Hospital
  • Pre-register your delivery at Sunrise Children's Hospital

Sunny Babies has multiple locations. For your convenience please call (702) 961-9140 to make an appointment at a location nearest you.